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Designer: Charlene Sheppard-Duncan

Heads swirl - they literally do - when people set their eyes on fashion designer, Charlene Sheppard-Duncan. The first thought that echoes through their minds is “Who is this woman?”

Charlene Sheppard-Duncan was born and grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in Sangre Grande among the cocoa trees of her grandmother's plantations before discovering her passion for design at a very young age. Inspired by avant garde, Caribbean fashion icon Yoko Fung, Charlene caught the fashion fever the day she saw Fung riding her bicycle through the streets of Port of Spain - immediately knew she wanted to go into design.

Sheppard-Duncan is a highly unorthodox designer refuses to conform to the norm and like all creative beings she answers to her own drum and is attuned to her own creative beat, which thrums in sync with the rhythm of the world around her. Her brand - AFROFUNKK is the outward expression of that inner/outer harmony - her brand is affixed and committed to the concept of "Global Tribal".

Always in search of unique fabrics, techniques and inspiration, Sheppard-Duncan has travelled the world to South Africa, Hungary, Indonesia, Siberia, Belgium, Lesotho, Swaziland, Europe and most recently India seeking out authentic and indigenous suppliers and fellow artisans who produce one-of-a-kind pieces, which compliment her work.

AFROFUNKK. which she runs out of New York is a small but passionate brand, which she hopes to bring back to her home country in the Caribbean - Trinidad and Tobago. This designer is currently working on her Spring/Summer collection for 2018 along with a brand new interior design line called 'The Sykadellic Shack'.

 “I cannot be contained; I am, in all words and deeds, a free spirit.”  - Charlene Sheppard-Duncan